High Quality Water Proof Silicone Plug
Product Details

High Quality Water proof Silicone plug

1.Withstand temperatures up to 600°F (316°C) and are the industry standard for powder coating applications

2.Plugs can be re-used many times

3.No risk of contamination to paint line

4.Custom sizes available with minimal tooling investment

The Silicone plug is made of high quality food grade silicone rubber,which is environmentally friendly ,It can be any size, any color.





Physical properies

It can be any kinds of size.

The size of Silicone plug also Can be Customized. If you need customized size, please feel free to contact Richard in the end..

Application:The silicone plug can be used on the bottle ,In test tube of the laboratory .

We can provide all kinds of silicone plugs, rubber plugs, rubber part,etc,welcome to customize!silicone Mat2352.png

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