High Quality Silicone Rubber keypad
Product Details

High Quality Silicone Rubber keypad


High Quality Silicone keypad

*Custom Shapes and Surface Finishes

*Various Key Travel and Actuation Forces

*Back Lighting, Light Pipes and Clear Windows

*One Piece Construction

*Sealing Features and Wrap Around Designs (sealed against dust, liquids and gases)

*High Quality Graphics/Colors

The Silicone keypad  is made of high quality silicone rubber,and  environmentally friendly .

And The size of Silicone keypad also Can be Customized. If you need customized size, please feel free to contact Richard in the end.

Application:The silicone keypad can be used on the telephone, Remote control, keyboard.

silicone products to these markets


Medical devices


Laboratory instrumentation

Industrial equipment

Consumer electronics


We can provide all kinds of silicone keypads, can be any shape.

welcome to customize!

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