Square Shape And Portable/Smokeless Ashtray Type Square Silicone Ashtray
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Square Shape and Portable,Smokeless Ashtray Type Square Silicone Ashtray

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Material:  Environmental silicone 

Additional features :Luminous

Color:red green yellow and blue brown black etc.


Characteristics: soft material to avoid scratching the desktop and drop, no deformation ,Can withstand minus 30 degrees to zero at 230 degrees high temperature

clean water is available tea feel good ,harmless to human body.

Purpose:ashtrays’ most of the standard 750 ml bottle skid pad.

The Silicone Ashtray  can endure the temperature from -20 to 350 degree centigrade.


The size is 230*70mm

And it can be any color

The size of Silicone Ashtray also Can be Customized.

Custom Sizes: If you need customized size, please feel free to contact XINGKETAI sales representative in the end.

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The silicone ashtray for tobacco or cigarette ash and Small garbage.

Good for:home, office , meeting rooms, restaurants , hotels,bars and KTV etc ,produced by s

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We can provide all kinds of shape of silicone ashtrays, silicone case, silicone cigarette case,,silicone folded bottles,silicone cup,silicone glasses, silicone folding cup,etc, .

welcome to customize!

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