For Medical Use/ Eco-Friendly Food Grade Of Silicone Tube
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For Medical Use, Eco-Friendly Food Grade of Silicone tube

The Silicone tube is Non-toxic, harmless to human body ,can be any size, any shape, and any made of high quality food grade silicone rubber,.The rubber can resistance to wide temperature range, which is environmentally friendly .

*Description :Can all kinds of size, Multi-Colour Ribbon Hose.

*Extended Description :10 Metre coil (33 Feet) of Ether based UV Stabilized Fre-Thane® 85A *Polyurethane 6 way multi-colour ribbon hose (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple) *with an outside diameter of 1/8”, an internal diameter of 0.066” and a wall thickness of 0.030” *suitable for use with barbed fittings

*Working Pressure :3:1 Safety Factor

*Operating Range :Vacuum (28” Hg) to 9.3 bar (135 psi) at 25ºC (75ºF)

*Effective Orifice Size :0.066” (1.68 mm)


*Colours :Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple

*Temperature Range :-40°C – 350°C 

*Diameter Tolerance :±0.005” (±0.127 mm)

*Durometer :85 Shore A

The size of Silicone tube also Can be Customized, If you need customized size, please feel free to contact Richard in the end.


Application:silicone tube can be for medical use.

We can provide all kinds of silicone tubes, silicone sleeve, welcome to customize!

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