Customized Clear Heat Resistance Food Grade Waterproof Silicone Rubber Grommet
Product Details

Customized clear heat resistance food grade waterproof silicone rubber grommet

Temperature Range


NR, NBR, HNBR, EPDM, Silicone, ACM, AEM, FKM, FVMQ, etc.  rubber waterproof grommet


Black (recommended), but other color available


20~90 Shore A  rubber waterproof grommet


DN max = 2000mm, all other smaller sizes will per customer demands   rubber waterproof grommet

     (Optional and Multiple)

Oil Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Steam Resistance, Aging Resistance, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance, Environment Protective, Strong Resilience, Abrasion Resistance, etc.

The  Rubber Waterproof Grommet can endure the temperature from -20 to 350 degree centigrade.


It can be the regular size And can be not normal size 

Can all kinds of shapes, round, square, oval  Rubber Waterproof Grommet

The size of  Rubber Waterproof Grommet also Can be Customized

Custom Sizes: If you need customized size, please feel free to contact XINGKETAI sales representative Richard in the end.

Application: Seal for Automotive, Machine, Valve, Electrical Appliances, etc..


We can provide all kinds of Food grade silicone rubber gaskets , all kinds of colors,or transparent. And any shapes, round, square, oval silicone washers are okay for providing.welcome to customize.

Wholesale customized customized clear heat resistance food grade waterproof silicone rubber grommet from one of the leading Rubber Washer manufacturers and suppliers, Xingketai must be your best option.