China Supplier Silicone O Rings/Viton O Ring/FKM O Ring/NBR O Ring/ HNBR O Ring/EPDM O Ring
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China supplier Silicone O Rings,Viton O Ring,FKM O Ring,NBR O Ring, HNBR O Ring,EPDM O Ring

If you are looking for a food grade o rings, the silicone material maybe the best one for you.

Silicone O-Rings -Features: 

Broad temperature range.

Odorless / non-toxic

Resistant to sun and ozone.

Fungus resistance.

Basic temperature range: -80 F to +400 F* 


Poor tear and abrasion strength.

Poor resistance to oils. 

Silicone O-Rings performa well in dry heat. 


Alcohol / Oxygen Seals

Electrical / Medical Seals

Low Temperature Seals

The size of silicone O ring also Can be Customized

Custom Sizes: If you need customized size, please feel free to contact XINGKETAI sales representative Richard in the end.

Application: It can using on the machine parts , on the clock , and bottle lids.and Can be using on the on the screw, can be using on the auto parts ,and so on.





We can provide all kinds of rubber O rings, , silicone O rings,rubber grommets, rubber rings, can be all kinds of colors,or transparent. And any shapes, round, square, oval silicone washers are okay for providing.

welcome to customize!

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