You Believe That Silicone Keyboard Can Roll Into A Ball, Too?

You believe that silicone keyboard can roll into a ball, too? You read that right, silicone keyboard can do that. Silicone Keyboard keyboard is a member of the family, to one of the computer's input devices. Silicone case with imported high quality medical grade silicone material, nontoxic, odorless, harmless, green. Silicone Keyboard free curls, easy to carry, very space saving and light weight less than 330 grams, small size. Silicone Keyboard has a good elasticity, muted percussion silent, soft and comfortable to the touch, feel warm.

Silicone Keyboard uses the entire seal design, waterproof, dust-proof, oil, acid and alkali, may be used in any harsh environment, solves the distress of many Office keyboard into the water. Cleaning and disinfection may be carried out and the water. Silicone Keyboard special design and production process, enables the keyboard to lean, developed by using special high-strength Silicon adhesive, no metal nail Gong, stable and reliable performance. Silicone Keyboard color diversity, distinctive, unique surface treatment, key words will never fall off, no fading. Press the life of up to 10 million times, and has USB and PS/interface converter, absolutely adapted to your requirements. If you are still using the traditional keyboard may wish to make a new attempt.