The Advantages Of Silicone Phone Cover

1. shock resistance.

Silicone material is relatively soft, and generally higher thickness of material of this phone, have very good shock, cushioning, impact, slippage occurs accidentally, can provide excellent protection.

2. feel comfortable.

Brings is the soft feel of soft, not stiff like a hard shell, and can fit in your hand. There is a skin feeling soft to the touch.

3. waterproof insulation.

No cortical cell phone easy to wet, no metal casing of electrical conductivity, a plastic casing for electrostatic phenomenon does not occur.

4. for women to use.

Silicone mobile phone cover generally appear in a clean style, fresh color, soft texture, more in line with the temperament of the young women, to bring out your lively and smart.

5. convenient disassembly.

Soft and flexible silicone material, easy to remove, not other kinds of mobile phone shell so a difficult operation, even girls can easily install and remove.