Silicone Products Use

Silicone is mainly used in aviation, cutting-edge technology, military technology sector, special materials and construction, electrical, automobile, machinery, chemicals, light industry, medicine, medical, etc; the main inorganic silica gel is used in drying agents, catalysts, matting agents, abrasive toothpaste. Toughness and elasticity of silicone products are very good, and not because of external forces and deformation, nonpoisonous and tasteless and colorless, harmless to human body.

Use silicone products safe?

Silicone because of its stability and high and low temperature resistant, so it can be heated in a microwave oven without warping, or release of toxic substances, also can be placed in the freezer cold!

Silicone because of its closer to human skin texture, nontoxic odorless, so children with silicone nipples are also very healthy and good silicone with automatic disinfection function, from dirt, easy to clean, stylish family is much better now with silicone Cookware, because it completely in the microwave oven can cook, save time, yes more, does not produce smoke.

The heart of beauty, everyone has it. Now many women are like plastic surgery, breast augmentation, breast implant material is silicone, although silica gel for adults without serious injury, but for breast-fed babies, it is a ban. Body of silicone entering the baby through breast milk and affect the growth and health, so silicone breast implants bad for infant feeding, therefore, implants do not breastfeed.