New Production Of Oring

The tensile strength is poor and do not have a general rubber oil resistance, silica gel temperature resistance temperature: 43~210 - C, is the most prominent advantages of having high temperature, antistatic properties and excellent resistance, through a special formulation, can produce food grade material


1. The tensile strength can reach 500PSI and the anti - Si properties up to 88LBS.

2, good and good compression deformation.

3, has good resistance to neutral solvent.

4, with excellent heat resistance.

5, with excellent cold resistance.

6. Excellent resistance to ozone and oxides.


1, is not recommended to use in most of the thick shrink solvent, oil, thick shrink acid and diluted by sodium hydroxide.

2, the electronics industry seal or rubber parts, such as mobile phone keys, DVD in the shock pad and a cable connected in Qing seal.