How To Identify Buy Silicone Bracelet

One, from the appearance of the silicone bracelet, feels the difference:

1, silicone bracelet easily deformed, and silica gel will feel really rebound well, pulling small permanent deformation.

2, if the surface of silica gel no special handling hands feel smooth to the touch, because the surface layer is a layer of fat-like substances.

3, easy to stick on the surface of silica gel dust, impurities such as hair.

Second, the method

1, silicone bracelet burning with fire burning, black smoke and stench; and silicone bracelet is carbon really like burning flames uniform, take white smoke, odourless.

2, burn edge silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet after fire edges are black, and really no matter what color silicone burn edges white, combustion residue is a white powder, a pinch of broken.

Third, the solution (this ordinary consumers recognize is difficult, and typically quality inspection departments and factories may use this method)

Take silicone hand ring burning and surface dish contact smoke, collection white powder, will powder dissolved Yu 40% sodium hydroxide of hot solution in the (60 degrees) take a drops the solution put into tube, joined two drops Mo acid ammonia, slightly heating, cooling Hou joined a drops aniline solution and 3-8 drops saturated of acetic acid sodium solution, observation solution of color reaction, if appeared blue description has Silicon elements, proved is to silicone raw materials made of silicone hand ring.