welcome to customize the silicone ring.

The siliocne ring is based on the silicon element obtained from the quartz and is formed by the silicon atoms adhering to the side chains such as methyl and vinyl. Different side chains can lead to different properties of silicone rubber. Methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ) is a kind of silicone rubber material.


 heat resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent resistance to oxidation and ozone, which has high permeability and selectivity to gas permeation. Good electrical insulation properties (bulk resistance is greater than 10 ohm.Cm, breakdown voltage above 30kv/mm), corona resistance and arc resistance. But the addition of carbon black, nickel powder, aluminum powder, aluminum powder, conductive and appropriate (volume resistance to 5-0.02.Cm in Europe). The surface of silicon rubber ring can lower moisture absorption, can play a role in isolation. Water resistance, but poor resistance to water vapor, pressure more than 50psi does not recommend the use of. Compatible with most of the oil, chemicals and solvents. General silicone rubber resistance to acid and alkali resistance and solvent resistance can, not resistant to hydrogen and alkyl aromatic oil. Not recommended for use in the most concentrated solvent, oil, acid and caustic soda in the diluted solution. Special silicone rubber is also resistant to radiation, fire resistance, oil resistance and other properties. Its tensile strength is low, the anti - wear ability is weak, generally do not need to move the seal.

temperature range

-60 C ~225 C, special silicone rubber at high temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius, while the low temperature to -100. (TR10 can be at -100 C)

Hardness range

Shao's A25 degrees to 90 degrees.


Black, brown, green, white, red - brown, yellow, blue, red, orange, transparent, gray, can also be specified by the customer color