Welcome to custom the silicone bracelet

Silicone bracelet is made of 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber after hydraulic press pressing; Wrist band itself has a certain tension and softness, and therefore easy to deformation and immediately restore; Silicone bracelet with wear resistance, high temperature resistant, deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effect to human body, and soft, no crack, long service life and do not stimulate the skin, is the real green environmental protection act the role ofing is tasted. In recent years, people began to look at some of the functional materials, such as anion far-infrared, germanium, titanium, added to the silicone bracelet for processing of raw materials, is it have a certain health care function, is popular all over the world. Silicone bracelet more with a variety of activities, brand publicity, and other sports together, a good design can convey very profound significance. Over the past 2004200 years we have seen a lot of successful applications: fast food giant McDonald's motivational silica gel hand ring is a very successful run, and PuMa, Nike and other apparel brands, etc

Used for various casino and can be as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items. Is a hot fashion act the role ofing is tasted; Is a kind of low cost, high efficiency advertising promotional advertising gifts. Most of the hand movement with no actual use, is a kind of fashion accessories. The hand with the English words or phrases out of the message usually reflects the people's beliefs and values.


Pattern classification


Concave carved: logo on the bracelet text show the dents


Emboss: logo on the bracelet text show the stick out


Monochromatic: the bracelet in addition to the logo for a color


Heather: the whole bracelet for multiple colors, for two or more than two color bracelet made of mixed together.


Printing: bracelet above the logo is to use the ink by screen printing on the bracelet.


Luminous: usually refers to the high temperature glowing in the dark bracelet, which also contains a fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent bracelet is to point to by absorbing outside after the high-energy radiation, release the low-energy light in the darkness.


Transparent: not add any color, and is the bracelet as transparent as glass.


Color: the color of the bracelet on section by section, and mixed color is different, a few kinds of color is out of the mix.


Concave carved coloring: on the basis of the concave hand engraved logo, and other colors. The logo and the color of the bracelet are two different colors.


Emboss coloring: on the basis of the emboss logo, together with other color, the logo and the color of the bracelet is two different color.


Double loop: as the name implies, refers to two bracelets together, a serial of coil.


Belt buckle: refers to the bracelet is at both ends with a snap fastener.


The edge of the wavy: bracelet set.


National flag: the whole bracelet screen printing has a national flag.