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The silione bracelet Used for various casino and can be as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items. Is a hot fashion act the role ofing is tasted; Is a kind of low cost, high efficiency advertising promotional advertising gifts. Most of the hand movement with no actual use, is a kind of fashion accessories. The hand with the English words or phrases out of the message usually reflects the people's beliefs and values.


Pattern classification


Concave carved: logo on the bracelet text show the dents


Emboss: logo on the bracelet text show the stick out


Monochromatic: the bracelet in addition to the logo for a color


Heather: the whole bracelet for multiple colors, for two or more than two color bracelet made of mixed together.


Printing: bracelet above the logo is to use the ink by screen printing on the bracelet.


Luminous: usually refers to the high temperature glowing in the dark bracelet, which also contains a fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent bracelet is to point to by absorbing outside after the high-energy radiation, release the low-energy light in the darkness.


Transparent: not add any color, and is the bracelet as transparent as glass.


Color: the color of the bracelet on section by section, and mixed color is different, a few kinds of color is out of the mix.


Concave carved coloring: on the basis of the concave hand engraved logo, and other colors. The logo and the color of the bracelet are two different colors.


Emboss coloring: on the basis of the emboss logo, together with other color, the logo and the color of the bracelet is two different color.


Double loop: as the name implies, refers to two bracelets together, a serial of coil.


Belt buckle: refers to the bracelet is at both ends with a snap fastener.


The edge of the wavy: bracelet set.


National flag: the whole bracelet screen printing has a national flag.