The NBR products

NBR has excellent oil resistance. Ding Erxi monomers can be copolymerized into CIS and trans 1,2- base and roasted three different chain structure. The typical NBR structure is about 78%. As the NBR molecular chain structure containing cyano group, oil resistance (such as resistance to liquid fuel, mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils and solvents) is better than natural rubber, chloroprene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. Compared with other rubber NBR has a wider range of temperature, its long-term use temperature is 120oC, while NBR has a good low temperature performance, the lowest glass temperature up to -55oC. NBR [1] has good chemical stability and good processing performance. With the increase of the relative density, the curing speed and tensile strength, the tensile strength of the acrylic acid is increased, but the rebound performance is decreased, and the cold tolerance becomes worse. Because the NBR of electric polarization and thus fell easily cyano, dielectric properties, semiconductor rubber. NBR can ACN the level of content, divided into high, high, high, medium and low 5 kinds of acrylonitrile. Production methods and two kinds of continuous and intermittent polymerization. Continuous polymerization process is usually used for the production of less variety and large production, consumption is low. The batch polymerization method is suitable for the production of many varieties and small batch, the quantity of the polymerization is used, and the construction cost is high. So far, there is no alternative to the trend. [1] has nitrile rubber mechanical strength and excellent processing performance, but in the long term in acid and high temperature gasoline (150oC) performance as fluorine glue and acrylic glue like cool environment, the German company, the Canada Company and the Japanese company to develop the excellent properties of hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR). In addition, also developed with ultra cold resistance and high purity and carboxyl nitrile rubber nitrile rubber test (XNBR).