solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber what's the difference?

In our solid silica gel and liquid silicone molding what's the difference? the First from the definition of the two: 1. Liquid silicone and solid appearance: (1) means the liquid silicone, even if liquid situation has flowed sex, (2) the solid silica gel even and solid, not sex! 2. Liquid silicone and solid silica gel application territory: (1) ordinary liquid silicone used in baby products and kitchen supplies and health supplies, is able to directly contact food and the human body, (2) the solid silica gel common used in survival supplies and miscellaneous pieces of industrial and automotive parts, etc., using range measure of common, 3. The solid silica gel and liquid silicone peace: (1) liquid silicone is like high high safety food grade material, molding without increase the vulcanizing agent and other support materials, feeding, closed molding. (2) the solid silica gel is the bright green material, molding accelerate vulcanization molding time is necessary to add sulfiding agent, open mode of feeding forming, 4. Liquid silicone and solid silicone molding forms: Of liquid silicone is two points respectively in different directions into the same cylinder forming, and the solid silica gel is a kind of component into the cylinder heating forming, both have in common are mold heat molding. Is (1) liquid silicone injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) : the full name for the injection molding liquid silicon rubber, vulcanizing facilities for injection molding machine. Injection molding machine has A process very easy (don't have to be in the process of high temperature glue ingredients, mixing, blanking, material and process, only one of the workers take products), products with high accuracy (molding before all artificial process heavily banned by A machine), high output (A/B glue in coupled temperature forming A few seconds), save people, save electricity, save resources and so on many advantages, can produce all glue produced products! Is a main river after a few years progress of silicone materials. (2) the solid silica gel forming is raw material and a solid, after mixing machine mixing, cutting machine cutting into products and mould of appropriate size and thickness, into the mold, after pressure molding machine under coupled temperature molding. Stripping along the lines of the plastic products, also need to clean up the mold and so on.