Silicone glue stick

In fact, Silicone adhesive products will be related to our product quality problems, we all know that product quality is the lifeblood of a company, and good salesmanship is nothing like Lane's sweet wine.

General we are is with following several silicone products stick rubber, silicone interface on stick glue, silicone hand ring fast dry glue, not sent hard silicone stick nylon fast dry rubber, toughness silicone stick iron fluoride Dragon Instant dry rubber, silicone stick PP adhesive, silicone stick acrylic adhesive, silicone stick ceramic fast dry rubber, silicone stick PS glue, POM adhesive silicone stick silicone rubber and plastic pieces bonded firm, features: nontoxic environmental, stick received speed fast, in the consistency, for silicone rubber material strength ideal. Adhesive for flexible materials.

Use a vinyl poly siloxane containing hydrogen siloxane and silica reinforcing agent in the presence of Platinum catalysts for addition reactions at room temperature produced hydrosilylation vulcanization of silicone rubber at room temperature. The rubber is not only has good mechanical properties, but also has very good adhesion of various types of materials, is a flexible adhesive.