How to safely buy online Silicon plastic?

1, online buy Silicon plastic to pick out some famous long reliable e-commerce platforms (such as Ali, Baidu)

2, buy Silicon plastic can to understand product knowledge, you can telephone or QQ tool to understand the situation, if you can, preferably face to face, not only for the understanding of the manufacturers and the strength and protection.

3, can choose some good reputation of the factory, good quality suppliers to buy, in particular in terms of the price issue;

4, online buy silicon manufacturers of plastic products to understand the situation and evaluate whether good or bad, if you can go and look again;

5, without confirming the quality of case, suppliers will provide samples for us to test functionality and quality, so we ordered online must be considered carefully, make sure you understand clearly, keep a cool head, to purchase again.

6, may require the manufacturer to provide a variety of relevant environmental protection certificate view.