Fluorine rubber

Fluorine rubber has a high degree of chemical stability, is the best of all elastomers in the performance of the best media. Type 26 fluoride resistant rubber oil base oils, double ester oil, silicone oil, oil ether silicate, resistant to inorganic acid, resistant to most organic and inorganic solvents, drugs, ketone, ether, ester only low molecular intolerance, resistant amine, hydrofluoric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, phosphate hydraulic oil. Dielectric performance of 23 fluorine rubber is similar to type 26, and more unique, which is resistant to strong oxidation of inorganic acid such as sulfuric acid, fuming nitric acid performance than type 26, soaking at room temperature of 98% HNO3 in 27 days of its volume expansion is only 13%~15%.

High temperature resistance

The high temperature resistance of fluorine rubber and silicone rubber, can be said to be the best in the elastomer. 26-41 fluorine plastic can be used for a long time at 250 degrees C, 300 C under the short term use; 246 fluorine rubber heat better than 26-41. In the performance of the aging of 26-41 300 C * 100 hours after the heat and air temperature of 300 DEG C * 100 hours after heat aging type 246, the elongation can be maintained at around 100%, the degree of hardness of 90~95. Type 246 after aging for 16 hours at 350 DEG C hot air to maintain good elasticity, good elastic aging after 110 minutes at 400 degrees Celsius hot air, hot air aging after 400 degrees in 110 minutes, rubber elongation, thermal spray carbon black containing carbon black or carbon fiber increased by about 1/2~1/3, intensity decreased about 1/2, still maintain good elasticity. 23-11 type fluorine plastic can be used at 200 degrees Celsius for a long time, 250.

Ageing resistance

Fluorine rubber has excellent weathering resistance, ozone resistance. According to reports, after the development of DuPont VitonA in natural storage ten years performance remained satisfactory, ozone concentration in the air was 0.01% after 45 days of no obvious crack. 23 type of fluorine rubber resistant to weathering, ozone resistance is also very good.

Vacuum performance

26 type fluorine rubber has excellent vacuum performance. Vacuum outgassing basic formula 246 vulcanized rubber fluorine rubber was only 37 x 10-6 Torr liters / sec. 2 cm. The 246 type of fluorine rubber has been successfully applied in the 10-9 Torr under vacuum conditions.