Explore causes deformation of silicone products

Silicone products is belongs to synthetic rubber in the of silicone rubber, he main belongs to a stick elastic compared strong of solid silicone, everyone also know silicone products is not forever not deformation, if in long-term pulled support not back play Shi will appeared deformation phenomenon, and main deformation phenomenon is by Silicon rubber products of material hardness to decided, more soft of material deformation more small, in industrial equipment among silicone sealed pieces of deformation back elastic can very important, stretch rate for a sealed pieces and has quite important of factors, If losing stretch rate and distortion should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to avoid unnecessary accident affecting the deformation of silicone products mainly in the following circumstances.

1, permanent job does not lead to permanent deformation. Long used in high pressure situations, for material deformation is more obvious product of the firm, whether or miscellaneous pieces of silicone is silicone.

2, the effect of stretching rate. General silicone rubber stretch rate of up to 300% (soft material), but stretching during use will directly lead to deformation and lost stretches of permanent deformation, so use the process would not be drawn, regardless of industrial products, household items or miscellaneous pieces of silicone is the same.

3, temperature effects. When silicone rubber products in wet when working under high temperature tensile deformation gradually, but as the temperature adaptation or drop in temperature will lead to slight deformation of silicone products. So, whether in the industrial applications of silicone rubber parts, sealing products, and try not to let silicone products stretch for a long time.